DIY Garden Tower Planter

At the blog this supernice idea and DYIproject

was presented.

This Garden tower, attractive trellises, planting boxes and other gardening structuresand more are found with blueprints here.

Vertical-Garden-Pyramid-Tower_02At RemoveandReplace we can read how to make this planter for compact gardens. An it´s movable too. With wheels underneath it´s, if not easy done depending if it stands on soil or something else, not stuck if you feel that it should

”Having the correct planting space is usually a problem when trying to plan your new garden layout. If you don’t have enough room to plant this year try going vertical. This diy Garden Tower Planter will give you the extra gardening and planting space you need. This is a great diy Garden Project but because of the compound angles that need to be cut, it requires a compound miter saw which does take some skill to use correctly. This tower set us back around $200 dollars to build ourselves but everything was available at our local home improvement store which makes for easy one stop shopping. This diy project did take quite a bit of time, approximately 4 days after work, so about 16 hours, which can make for a good long weekend project.”

And I just must say that I think that´s well spent time.




Here is some pics from the site and blueprints to this and other projects is found here for all of you that want to build your compact garden.

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