A compact and multifunctional studio

In Tel Aviv Israeli architects Raanan Stern and Shany Tal redesigned this small apartment to become a multifunctional studio. The workspace is just 20 square meters (215 square feet) in size, but manages to fit in a host of storage options, as well as a hidden bed.

From Apartment to a Studio Workspace in Tel Aviv http://humble-homes.com/apartment-studio-workspace-tel-aviv/


One wall of the studio is dedicated entirely to storage, with cabinets from the floor to the ceiling. Take a closer look and se more photos at http://humble-homes.com/apartment-studio-workspace-tel-aviv/


The storage cabinets

Kitchen Island easy built

Easy built Kitchen Island. Built with IKEAs Expedit. Really easymade and it looks nice to. This kitchen island idea comes from the site http://www.ikeahackers.net. I have been writing about  them severel times here and it is a relly good place to…

Compact Spa

Comfort-Line-Products-Spa-N-A-Box-6-Portable-Spa (1)

I just have to share this really nice tiny, and portably, spa. All possibilities for people that is living with a really small patio or garden. Maybee it even fits in on a balcony? Something for a body that needs…