Compact Spa

I just have to share this really nice tiny, and portably, spa.

All possibilities for people that is living with a really small patio or garden. Maybee it even fits in on a balcony?

Something for a body that needs some caring. Why not hydro-therapeutic massage of Spa-N-A-Box.

Costly traditional hot tubs require plumbing and wiring, but not with the Spa-N-A-Box! Simply plug into any regular household outlet. No tools needed!


Perfect for smaller spaces—use indoor or out! The Spa-N-A-Box features the patented turbo-wave massage system to provide the best in hydrotherapy action while the cushioned and barrier-free seating arrangement allows you freedom of movement in your new spa.

I´d really would like one. The nice design makes it look really solid and luxury.

Just put it where you want it for the occasion …. and then just fold it and put away.

And the price is nice  too.

Visit this site and see for yourself at